Volunteer Requested – Honorary Membership Secretary

The Association is looking for an Honorary Membership Secretary. If interested please contact Tom Gough (thesecretary@rcoca.org.uk).

Role and Responsibilities

  • Receive and progress membership applications.
  • Manage the Association’s subscription renewal process.
  • Write to members as required.
  • Maintain current membership lists.
  • To attend Committee meetings and provide reports.

Key Activities

  • Produce documentation as necessary to invite subscription renewals annually from members.
  • Maintain an up-to- date list of all Association members, recording status in respect of subscription, contact details and personal information as on the application form.
  • To liaise with any member who opts not to renew, in order to understand why and to identify any significant trends in changing membership. To report these to the
  • Committee as appropriate and recommend any actions which should be considered.
  • Liaise with the Treasurer over current membership numbers and jointly develop proposals for annual renewal rates if required.
  • Within the confines of the Data Protection Act, provide the Committee and Officers with any data held on the membership data base.

Recommended Experience

  • Computer literate, knowledge of mail merge with experience of administering simple databases such as Excel.
  • Ability to communicate effectively by email or conventional letter.
  • Good organisational skills, ability to adhere to deadlines.