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  1. Hi, my father George Nelson was head chorister during early 1940’s and we have a photo of the choir during a BBC live transmission in the cathedral to America. Would you be interested in this for your archive? My father often wonders if there is any record of this event.

  2. I was a chorister in the 1940’s and recollect a service broadcast but I thought it was to do with the Normandy landings as Montgomery was sitting in the choir. I would like to see the photo to see if I am in it.

  3. Colin Riley
    Thank you for your interesting message. Our records show that you were a chorister 1945-1946, so you would have been there with George Nelson (head chorister) for the recording referred to by his daughter Lynne Knight. Regrettably, we have not yet heard back from Lynne Knight.
    I am interested to establish more about this recording so if I find out more and/or get a photograph, I will, of course, let you know.
    If you have any documents or anecdotes do please send them to us at the details given in my reply to Lynne Knight.
    James Strike; RCOCA archivist.

    • The only other thing I remember in connection with the broadcast service was that Monty gave each boy a piece of cheese in a small box. I assume it was French cheese. It was very much welcomed by my mother as it supplemented our meager wartime rations.
      The school records say that I was a Probationary Chorister in 1943 and a Chorister from 1945 to 1946.Incidentally I won the under 12 Camden Cup with P B Barling at the Sports Day held on 19th March 1944! I still remember it.

  4. Colin. If you are willing to send your email address to my email address, given in my reply to Lynne Knight, I can send you a photograph of the choir in 1944 which includes ‘C. Riley’

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