The Association shall be called Rochester Cathedral Old Choristers’ Association.

2. Objectives

The primary aims and objectives of the Association shall be:
2.1 To provide a point of contact for former choristers, lay clerks and musicians of the Cathedral with a view to developing or renewing and maintaining friendships rooted in their musical experiences with the Cathedral.
2.2 To advance the education of the public in the art and science of English Cathedral music by supporting and furthering the provision of this music by organists, the Cathedral Choir (Boys and Girls) and others, thus helping to ensure that its tradition is maintained and developed as part of the Cathedral’s worship and heritage. (HMRC requirement for Gift Aid and gross interest)



The Patron of the Association shall be the Lord Bishop of Rochester.


The membership structure of the Association may comprise:

  • President, who may be an Honorary or Life Member and ex-officio.
  • Vice Presidents who may be current and former Directors of Music and other Senior Clergy and will be ex-officio.
  • Honorary and Honorary Life Memberships conferred for exemplary service by the Management Committee at its sole discretion who may not vote at an AGM.
  • Full Members – Full membership is open to all who have been in Rochester Cathedral Boys or Girls Choir.
  • Associate Members -The lay clerks and deputy lay clerks in the Cathedral Choir; previous lay clerks and deputy lay clerks of the Cathedral; members of other Cathedral Old Choristers’ Associations and parents of former Rochester choristers. People closely connected with the Cathedral Choirs may also be granted Associate Membership at the discretion of the Management Committee. Associate Members shall be entitled to attend the meetings and functions of the Association but shall not be eligible to serve on the Management Committee or have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting or at any other meeting.
    The roles of President and Vice-President may be conferred at the discretion of the Management Committee if they are honorary and ex-officio.

4. Management Committee

The Management Committee (The Committee) shall comprise the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Membership Secretary together with a minimum of three Committee Members, one of whom may be elected as the Federation Representative.
The Committee shall meet at least once a year in addition to the Annual General Meeting. For any meeting a quorum will consist of four members.
The Committee shall have the power to:

  • Elect its own Vice-Chairman who may also preside at General Meetings of the
    Association (in the absence of the Chairman)
  • Confer ex-officio Honorary Memberships and Honorary Life Memberships
  • Manage and administer the business of the Association according to the constitution and shall in all things act for and in the name of the Association.
  • Co-opt members to assist them in the administration of special functions where necessary.
  • Deny membership to, or expel any members whose conduct, either within or outside the Association shall in the opinion of the Committee render them unfit for membership.
  • Deal with any matter not covered by this Constitution.
    Every issue shall be decided by a majority of votes and if the votes are equal the Chairman, or in his/her absence the Vice-Chairman, shall have the casting vote.

5. Elections of Officers

Elections of Officers shall be made at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
The Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Membership Secretary shall retire from office each year but shall be eligible for re-election.

6. Alterations of the Constitution

The Constitution of the Association shall not be altered or added to except at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, for which the Honorary Secretary shall give at least twenty one days notice. No amendments to the Constitution can be made that would alter in any way the objects of the Association or its charitable purposes.

7. General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called at any time for any specific purpose and members shall receive at least 21 days clear notice of such a meeting and the agenda. On the written demand of at least seven members the Honorary Secretary shall call such a General Meeting. No matters other than those for which the Meeting has been called shall be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting. For any General Meeting five persons shall form a quorum.

8. Finance and Accounting

Subscriptions may be levied at the discretion of the Committee and shall be paid annually, at a rate which shall be agreed at each AGM.
Where subscriptions have been levied, members whose subscriptions have been in arrears for a period of two years shall be notified by the Honorary Secretary or Honorary membership Secretary, in writing, that their membership has lapsed and that their names shall be deleted from the list of members.

A Bank Account shall be kept in the name of the Association.
The Honorary Treasurer shall be required to keep a Receipts and Payments Account, together with supporting documentation and, together with a balance sheet for a specified financial period, shall be presented with a report at the Annual General Meeting.
The accounts and balance sheet shall be examined by an Honorary Examiner to be appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting.
Payments and withdrawals of money shall be authorised by two of the following: Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer.

9. Reunions

Periodic reunions of the Association may be held and may consist of the Annual General Meeting and a Service of Choral Evensong in the Cathedral and such other activities as may be considered appropriate.

The Annual Dinner shall be held at a date closest to St. Andrew’s Day each year or at a convenient date nearest to St. Andrew’s Day. The Committee may, at its discretion, amend this date if it is deemed necessary.

Approved at the Annual General Meeting 6th October 2018