Membership Categories


Full membership is open to all who have been in Rochester Cathedral Boys or Girls Choir.

Associate Members

On application to the Honorary Secretary, Associate Membership is open to

  1. The lay clerks and deputy lay clerks in the Cathedral Choir,
  2. Previous lay clerks and deputy lay clerks of the Cathedral,
  3. Members of other Cathedral Old Choristers’ Associations
  4. Parents of former Rochester Choristers

We particularly welcome applications from parents of former choristers and look forward to more of them participating in our association activities in the future.

Honorary Members

Friends and well-wishers of the Cathedral Choir may be awarded Honorary Membership by the Committee either, for the duration of their tenure of a particular Office or position of responsibility in relation to the Cathedral or the Cathedral Choir.

* We no longer offer Life Membership but do respect those who were awarded this category of membership in the past. We would appreciate a contribution from them to association costs where possible.

Membership Fees

Full Members £15.00 per annum
Associate Members £10.00 per annum
Rejoining members £10.00 for the first year of new membership
Choir leavers £30 from date of leaving to age 21

Members are now asked to pay their membership fees by bank standing order to ensure continuity of membership and to ease our administration.

Please complete this Membership Form if over 18, or this Membership Form if under 18