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  1. Hi, my father George Nelson was head chorister during early 1940’s and we have a photo of the choir during a BBC live transmission in the cathedral to America. Would you be interested in this for your archive? My father often wonders if there is any record of this event.

  2. Lynne Knight
    We would be very pleased to include the 1940’s photograph of the choir during the live transmission to America. Most interesting. We have your father George Richard Nelson as a chorister from 1942 to 1946. And we will add the information that he was Head Chorister.
    I have no idea why I have not seen this note from you before ! Anyway, we would be delighted to receive the the photograph. Would you post it to me: James Strike, 24 Fieldend, Twickenham, TW1 4TF. or high quality digital to my email at jamesstrike@blueyonder.co.uk Or take it to the Music Department in Garth House, Minor Canon Row Rochester. and mark it for the RCOCA secretary. My tel is 0208 255 1862.
    Kimd regards

  3. I was a chorister in the 1940’s and recollect a service broadcast but I thought it was to do with the Normandy landings as Montgomery was sitting in the choir. I would like to see the photo to see if I am in it.

  4. Colin Riley
    Thank you for your interesting message. Our records show that you were a chorister 1945-1946, so you would have been there with George Nelson (head chorister) for the recording referred to by his daughter Lynne Knight. Regrettably, we have not yet heard back from Lynne Knight.
    I am interested to establish more about this recording so if I find out more and/or get a photograph, I will, of course, let you know.
    If you have any documents or anecdotes do please send them to us at the details given in my reply to Lynne Knight.
    James Strike; RCOCA archivist.

    • The only other thing I remember in connection with the broadcast service was that Monty gave each boy a piece of cheese in a small box. I assume it was French cheese. It was very much welcomed by my mother as it supplemented our meager wartime rations.
      The school records say that I was a Probationary Chorister in 1943 and a Chorister from 1945 to 1946.Incidentally I won the under 12 Camden Cup with P B Barling at the Sports Day held on 19th March 1944! I still remember it.

  5. Colin. If you are willing to send your email address to my email address, given in my reply to Lynne Knight, I can send you a photograph of the choir in 1944 which includes ‘C. Riley’

  6. Sorry for not getting back to you with the photo, will sent later this week. The recording my father refers to was organised because Rochester USA wanted to hear the choir from Rochester UK. My father remembers it clearly and said the choir rehearsed all morning with the sound technicians before transmission later in the day. The Normandy landings/Montgomery broadcast must have been on another occasion.

    • Lynne Knight
      We would appreciate receiving your photograph which will be added to our archives. I have found two photographs of the choristers including your father, George Neslon, which, I think, were both taken in 1945 ?. If you would like to let me have your email or postal address I will send a copy of them to you.
      James Strike RCOCA Archivist.

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