Podcast Appeal

The Association has launched a fund raising appeal for the installation of recording equipment in the Cathedral to enable transmission of Services through a high quality podcast on the internet.

Having tested a system from ‘About Sound’, one of the market leaders in choral webcasting, who spent several hours recording Evensong in the Autumn, we are now hoping to raise £23,000 to make this a gift from the Old Choristers’ Association to the Cathedral. Examples of their system may be found by listening to podcasts from King’s College Chapel and St. John’s College Chapel, Cambridge.

A fund at ‘Stewardship’ (Stewardship Services (UKET) Limited) has been created and you can contribute online by credit or debit card either for a one off gift or several small pledge payments. You can access the STEWARDSHIP website at www.give.net/20214100

The advantage of using ‘Stewardship’ is that if you are a UK tax payer, for every £100 we receive from you, we receive another £25 via Gift Aid less a small administrative fee. If however you would prefer to send a cheque, please make it out to Rochester Cathedral Old Chorister’s Association and send to the Honorary Secretary marking the back “Podcast Appeal”.

Rochester Cathedral Celebrates Success in BBC Chorister of the Year

Congratulations to current Cathedral Deputy Head Chorister Edward Hyde and former Cathedral Head Chorister Rupert Walker on reaching the final of the BBC Radio 2 Young Chorister of the Year Competition.

This is a National Competition with Choristers being auditioned from the length and breadth of the Country. Only four boys are selected for the final and it is therefore a wonderful achievement that 50% of those were from King’s Rochester (the other two finalists were from Canterbury Cathedral).

The competition was won by Edward Hyde at the final held in Manchester Cathedral on October 24th 2016.


12th Edition of Choristers of Rochester Cathedral

I’m pleased to present (after some hard and diligent work by one of our old choristers – James Strike) the 12th edition of Choristers of Rochester Cathedral. This book contains the names and dates of all Choristers from 1679 to 2015 as well as some interesting information about cathedral music in Rochester over the years. The book has also been updated to include all Girl Choristers.

This professionally printed and published book can be purchased via me for £5 (plus postage if you’d like it posted).

Drop a line on our contact us page if you’d like one.

Tom Richley